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Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Collection of Baked Apple Recipes, 1916

From "The Myrtle Reed Cook Book", 1916.

Peel the apples or not, as preferred. Sprinkle with melted butter and sugar, baste now and then with hot water, and serve separately or with cereal.

Here are a number of good variations:

With Bananas.--Core, draw a peeled and scraped banana through each core, trimming the ends off even, and bake slowly, basting with hot water, melted butter, and lemon-juice. The apples may be peeled if desired. Serve separately, or with cereal.

With Cereal.--Pare or not, as preferred, but core. Fill the centres with left-over cooked cereal and bake slowly. Butter, lemon-juice, or any flavoring recommended before can be used to advantage. Any quartered apples, baked or stewed, can be covered with any preferred cereal, and served with sugar and cream.

With Cherries.--Core the apples, fill the centres with pitted cherries, either sour or sweet, bake carefully, basting with syrup and melted butter. The apples may be peeled or not. Take up carefully, and serve separately, or with cereal.

With Dates.--Wash and stone dates, fill the cores of apples with them, sprinkle with powdered sugar and bake, basting with butter, lemon-juice, and hot water. The apples may be peeled or not.

With Figs.--Wash the figs carefully, and pack into the cores of apples. Bake, basting with lemon syrup and melted butter. Serve separately or with cereal.

With Gooseberries.--Cap and stem a handful of gooseberries. Fill the cores of large, firm apples with them, using plenty of sugar. Baste with melted butter and hot water. May be served with cereal if plenty of sugar is used in cooking.

With Prunes.--Select tart apples, and peel or not, as preferred. Core and fill the centres with stewed prunes, stoned and drained. Bake slowly, basting with the prune-juice, or with lemon-juice, melted butter, spiced syrup, or hot water containing grated lemon-peel and a teaspoonful of sherry. Two or three cloves may be stuck into each apple, and removed after the apples are cold. Serve, very cold, with cream; separately, or with a cereal.

With Quinces.--Fill the cores of sweet apples with bits of quince and plenty of sugar. Bake slowly, basting with melted butter and syrup. Serve separately or with cereal.

With Spice.--Select very sour apples, and peel or not, as preferred. Core, and stuff the cavities with brown sugar, putting two whole cloves into each apple. Baste with hot water containing a bit of grated lemon-peel and a teaspoonful of sherry, putting a teaspoonful of butter into the liquor as it forms in the dish. Bake slowly, covered, until the apples are very tender. Serve separately or with a cereal. Cinnamon, or nutmeg, or a blade of mace may be used instead of the cloves.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Baked Apple Pudding

From "Clayton's Quaker Cook-Book Being a Practical Treatise on the Culinary Art Adapted to the Tastes and Wants of all Classes", 1883.

  • Two cups oatmeal or cracked wheat; 
  • 2 eggs; 
  • 1 tablespoonful butter; 
  • 1 pint milk; 
  • three medium-sized apples; 
  • a little suet; 
  • cinnamon to flavor; 
  • sweeten to taste. 

Beat sugar, eggs, and milk together; stir in the meal, and then add the other ingredients, the apples last, after reducing to small pieces. Bake until well set. 

To be eaten with or without sauce.

Monday, November 12, 2012

French Apple Fritters

Pare and core some fine large pippins, and cut them into round slices. Soak them in brandy for two or three hours. Make a batter, in the proportion of four eggs to a table-spoonful of olive-oil, a table spoonful of rose-water, the same quantity of brandy, the same quantity of cold water. Thicken the batter with a sufficient quantity of flour stirred in by degrees, and mix it two or three hours before it is wanted, that it may be light by fermentation.

Put some butter into a frying-pan. Dip each slice of apple into the batter, and fry them brown. Then drain them, grate white sugar over them, and send them to table.

Peach Fritters may be made in the same way, but the peaches must be cut into quarters.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Apple and Red Onion Salad

Apple and Red Onion Salad RecipeThis is recipe from the US Military's "Grill Sergeants" program at the Pentagon Channel

Bouquet of Greens with Apple, Red Onion and Balsamic Walnut Vinaigrette

2 cups spring mix or baby field greens
1 ea, 4 strips cucumber (shaved lengthwise)
1 ea Fuji apple (cut into wedges)
1 ea red onion (halved then sliced)
1/2 cup walnuts (toasted)
4 oz fresh goat cheese
Optional crouton

Gather 1/2 cup of field greens and wrap them with cucumber slice. Arrange apple, onion, walnuts, and cheese around bouquet. Yield: 4 servings

Balsamic Walnut Vinaigrette

1 ea shallot, minced
3 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
2 tsp Dijon Mustard
1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/3 cup walnut oil
To taste salt and pepper

Whisk together shallot, balsamic, and dijon mustard. Add the walnut and olive oil in a slow stream while constantly whisking. Season with salt and pepper.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Apples a la Comtesse

Choose eight rennet apples of equal size ; peel them ;scoop them rather deeply but not through to the opposite side. Pound finely in a mortar 2 oz. of sweet almonds (peeled), the juice of a lemon ; add 3 oz. of powdered sugar, one whole egg, one dessert-spoonful of cream. Fill the hollow of the apples with this mixture, covering the opening where the apple has been scooped out ; arrange them in a dish that has been thickly buttered; sprinkle with sugar, a table-spoonful of water.

Bake from twenty-five to thirty minutes. Send to table in the dish in which they have been baked.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fig and Apple Cobbler

From "The Story of Crisco", by Marion Harris Neil, Eleventh Edition, 1916.

Nearly fill Criscoed baking dish with equal amounts of sliced apples and chopped figs, arranging them in layers; add 1 cup water, strained juice 1 lemon and cover with Crisco biscuit dough about 1 inch thick. Place on range, cover tightly with a pan and simmer 30 minutes. Lift cover carefully, make an opening in middle of crust, and pour in another 1/2 cup water, 2 tablespoons Crisco, and 1 cup scraped maple sugar.

Sprinkle a little maple sugar over top of pudding before serving it.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Austrian Apple Strudel

Mix 1 pint of flour with 1/2 cup of water, 4 ounces of butter, 3 eggs and a pinch of salt to a stiff dough; then roll out as thin as possible. Pour over some melted butter; cover with chopped apples and raisins. Sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon. Make a large roll; bake in a buttered baking-pan with flakes of butter on top until brown.